The free version of VSee is an absolutely outstanding program for Webcamming, sharing applications, or even an entire desktop in real time between two or more remote collaborators. 

There is very little lag, and it has really nice quality.  One can even share a dual 1200×1980 monitor desktop with the remote student.

It is definitely a cool free tool in one’s distance learning arsenal.


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This tool allows a person to walk out and give a tour of your website RIGHT OVER THE WEBSITE!

Plus, it gives your website some creative flair.

Check it out.



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Testing Autopost Feature

I sent this post via an email to post@posterous.com

I also had my account setup to automatically post it on to my WordPress blog and Twitter account.



Oklahoma State University Institute For Teaching And Learning Excellence

Wade Price
Manager, Instructional Technology and Conferencing Services


100 Telecom Center
Stillwater, Ok. 74078



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http://www.reallusion.com/reallusiontv/ct/productdemo.asp   (This tool isn’t free, but it’s awesome)(Create a talking avatar from any picture!)(Educational Price for CrazyTalk 6 Standard is $39.95, CrazyTalk 6 Pro is $121.45)

You might also want to check out their Widget Cast Tool!

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The Society for Applied Learning Technology made an announcement on May 25th about the DE Hub Database of Research on Distance Education.  The Database hosts thousands of articles on distance learning.  What a great resource!

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Mega Fun Project!

So, here’s a GREAT student project! 

Have students create a “Common Craft like … In Plain English” video summary of what topic you are discussing! 

They will love it, and it requires them to really pull out the important parts and convert that knowledge into the video. 
What better way to reinforce their learning, and to get them involved and having fun, than to let them teach?!

Here are a few links to some example projects other students have done:
(After clicking, close the browser window to return to this blog): 
Sample 1 – World War 1   

Sample 2 – Digestion  

Sample 3 – Nazis  

Sample 4 From Lee Lefever Himself  – The Election Process!

Have your students watch a couple of actual Common Craft In Plain English videos so they’ll understand the basic idea.
And let the video editing be mega primitive, it just adds to the cheesy fun!
All it takes is a webcam pointed at a table top and some cuts only editing.
Students could even use their cell phone video cameras I suppose.
Alternatively you can use a document camera if you have one available. 
Then, just edit the video a bit (cuts only is fine) and upload the video to Youtube.
Piece of cake and your students will love it! 
You can then show future students what previous students have done. 
Have teams compete for the best one!

It’ll be a blast!

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  Access your USB thumb or harddrive from anywhere!
  This cool tool lets you, and if you desire, other people, access your files directly off your USB drive using a webpage on the internet.
  It’s like plugging your USB drive directly into the internet and having that content browseable on a web page from anywhere!
  Works with Macs and PCs
   However don’t buy it directly off the Pogoplug website for $127, as you can find it for $99 and less by Googleing.

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Hello and welcome to my blog. 

Me and Chris

You will find all kinds of the latest instructional technologies tools here.

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