Short Message

And now for a short inspirational message on why this site exists.


Great power is in the hand of the one who possesses the best and most advanced tools for the job!
For instance, riding in a horse and buggy does not get you across country as fast as flying in a jet. Digging a trench with a shovel is slower and a lot more work than digging it with a backhoe. So my point is that new tools are now available to us that make our work faster and stronger. Imagine doing all the math on paper that a computer can handle!  It would take years to do what it can calculate in just a few seconds! I mention all this to help make things more clear and obvious that sometimes if something is being done in an old way, there might be new tools available to help improve that process.  Thanks goodness for indoor plumbing, no?!  So what about education?  Do you think even education might be able to get a boost from leveraging the strengths of new technologies if applied correctly and wisely by educators?  I would say a whole hearted “ABSOLUTELY!”  And, that’s why this site exists.

However, even with advanced technology, it is still entirely possible to take a dry boring lecture and make it even more dry and boring online!  🙂  So, I’m not here to pretend technology is the solution to all the challenges educators face.  But, some technologies by their very nature can very interesting and engaging to a wide variety of today’s modern student.

Often even baby steps in the right direction can vastly help improve the educational process. There are a ton of new and exciting tools that are freely at our disposal that can greatly improve a student’s ability to learn.  To improve, we must synergize the strengths of the past with the strength of today!  We simply can’t rely on the old way as always being the best way.  Remember the good old days of outhouses and chopping firewood?  Sometimes times change for the better, and that’s certainly true with education as well.  

We need to also remember that we are preparing students for even higher-tech futures than ours! Practically every student is going to need to know some form of technology to survive regardless of what field they enter.   Currently mastering the internet is crucial.  A student or faculty who cannot leverage the power of the internet is going to fall way behind their peers.  Why?  Because technology is power!  John Henry the steel driving man, through brute strength, may have been able to keep up with version 1 of the jack hammer, but he was certainly fighting a losing battle, and if it hadn’t killed him, he would never have been able to keep up with the next generation tool, a modern hydraulic jack mounted to a backhoe for instance.  You can only do so much the old way and then new and improved ways need to be considered. 

But, beyond preparing students with the basic technology skills they will need to succeed in the coming age, we must leverage the tools at our disposal to help improve their knowledge of the subject matter as well.  And, we must not only make it palatable so they don’t spit it out, we must help them desire it with great passion. I’m not talking about simply babying their short attention spans, I’m talking about improving our instruction to the point it’s not only nutritious, but tastes great too! That way, our students will seek the learning with passion and will therefore blast past the competition!  Who succeeds?  The person with passion, not the person who thinks it’s boring.   So let’s help them find that passion. The game of life all comes down to who wants it the most! Let’s help students take their rightful places as leaders amongst their peers!  We want learning to ignite a raging fire in them.

So how do we break out of ruts?  How do we overcome our fear of change?  That too is why I developed this site, as an aid to faculty to help them begin to move in a beneficial direction.  Often all that missing is the knowledge of what’s out there, and the understanding that some of these technologies really are truly easy to implement and do add tremendous value.   If I can convince just one faculty to leverage even one of these beneficial technologies, it will have been worth it because our students are so well worth the effort.

Don’t forget the inspiration level of a course also defines its true quality.  It’s just not all about content and technology. However, using engaging technology can by its very intriguing nature add some to student’s motivational levels.  Students already have VAST amounts of content right at the tip of their fingers on the internet. So, usually they aren’t paying for your course just to get your content, it’s not the content they need! They need deeper understanding. They need a mentor. They need sound advice. They need to know how to apply that content wisely. And, they need inspiration so they will pursue that knowledge with passion. Simply offering content and quitting there, is not offering as great as service as we could be doing.   Oh the joys of being the spark that ignites student’s fire!  Reach teachers reach! You’ve strived for knowledge; now strive for the creative and inspiring modern delivery of that knowledge! Try to make learning as fun and as natural as life itself. Meet students in their world and thus help students desire a lifelong pursuit of ever growing knowledge. Go forth and be a great force in sparking fresh minds in new and ever more creative ways of improvement.

I salute all teachers and faculty who truly care for the success of their students. For those of you who are trying, and who care, this website is for you. I have put this website here as a means of helping you find ideas and simple tools that will help you in your pursuit of helping your students to reach new and unparalleled heights. Teachers with passion, and a genuine caring for the success of your students, I salute you.  May these tools serve you well in your pursuit of excellence!



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