10 Simplest

10 CAVEMAN simple tools to use.
Horrible with technology?
Wanna do cutting edge stuff but don’t have time to get bogged down in all the geeky details of technology?
Then, these are the PERFECT tools for you!

Even this guy could do it!  🙂


But don’t let these tool’s  ease of use fool you, these are immensely powerful cutting edge instructional technologies!


1.  Twitter
Broadcast short messages to your class right from your cell phone.


2.  Posterous
Easiest Blog Ever!
Simply email post@posterous.com to upload your blog articles!
How easy is that?!
So if you can send an email, you can now create an entire blog, you can post pictures online, you can post audio files online, and you can do a host of other things as well, even send twitter messages, all by simply emailing the info to a certain address at posterous.com.


3.  Weebly
Very easy way of creating a website.
Almost no technical skills required.


4. Wallwisher
Students post comments using digital sticky notes posted on a bulletin board.
Works like an interactive cork board.


5.  Screenr
Instant Screencasts For Twitter, Blogs, And Websites.
Even Does High Definition!


6.  Gabcast
Automatically create an internet accessible audio podcast using just a regular telephone.


7. Scrapblog
Easily Create and Share Multimedia Scrapbooks Online.


8. TinyChat
Your Own Chatroom Quick and Easy.
Even supports webcam video.


9. Del.icio.us
Even Without Logging In, Easily Sort The Most Popular Links On The Web For Your Topic.
Surf the net and click a button in your tool bar to add a bookmark to that page to your Delicious account.
Share your links with your class by simply giving them the url of your shared bookmarks.


10. Free Phone Conferencing
Totally Free Multiway Phone Conferences for Virtual Office Hours, Webinars, ScreenCasts, and Audio Conferences!
Up to 96 callers!
Conferences as long as 6 hours!
Host an unlimited number of conferences!
Yes Free, can you believe it?! 
You can even record the conferences!
Yep, that’s free too!
However, regular long distance charges from your phone carrier will of course apply if you use a land line or a cell phone with local calling only.
But, these are just normal phone charges by your participant’s phone companies and not a charge for the free conferencing service.
And, of course if your participants use a cell phone, regular cell phone minutes, etc. still apply.
Night and weekends are great for those who have plans with unlimited nights and weekend cell phone plans.
If you wish a more controlled “one to many” experience use http://freeconferencing.com a sub service of freeconferencecall.com which allows up to 1000 participants, but the participants must be allowed by you to speak before they can speak.


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