MEGA List Of Picks

This is a rundown of several of the most relevant and awesome instructional technologies ever created!
I’ve kept each entry down to a single line thats give you the basic concept and if you desire a very short intro video.
If you find a technology you are interested in using, see if i’ve included it in my training pages, or just give me a shout and help you get started.


Cell Phone Tools:  (Live Cell Phone Polling) (Works like clickers, but with cell phones!!)   (Cell phone text your entire class at once!)       (Cell phone images or videos easily shared socially)   (Never Wait on Hold Again!)(Not really an instructional technology, but cool if you’ve ever waited in line for tech support, customer service, etc.)(Plus saves cell phone minutes!)


The World Of Google  ( Great Search Engine) (Look to the left for Wonderwheel after searching your word!)
(Also check out Google Docs, Google Apps, Gmail, Google Forms, Google Images, Google Maps, Google Reader, Panoramio, Picasa, Sidewiki, and more!)  (Google rocks!)   (Google for Educators)   (Google Wave)(Gonna be huge, but still in development and you can’t get in until you have a pass.)  (Google Buzz) (Share images video, email, etc. socially through your email address contact list thus creating your own collaborative mini social network)


Tweeting: (Broadcast short messages to the world right from your cell phone)   (See the absolute lastest posts from Twitter) (See news, current trends, cool new sites, etc. the moment its hot)  (Have students tweet during class, and catch all those and display them on the projector!) (Or, embed them in your D2L site or presentation) (Add the back channel communication right to the course website so everyone can benefit.)  (Share Photos Via Twitter)   (Shorten long urls)  (Great for Twitter!)  (Another cool URL shortener!)  (Lol, Is shortener a word?!  J)


Blogs:  (Easiest Blog Ever!) (Simply email to upload your blog articles)  (Easiest way of creating a website)(Almost no technical skills required) (Great Place For Educational Blogs) (Perhaps the Easiest Site For Shared Class Blogs) (Get your students blogging)  (Mega Popular Blog Site)  (Another Mega Popular Blogging Site)  (Good for Student Team Blogs)   (The Blog Hosting Site You Are On Now)   (A great place to find widgets for your blogs)  (Live Blogging)  (Students Can Share Notes As You Live Feed Your Video)(The Live Interactive Blog Is Embedable in D2L)


Wikis     (The Best Wiki Site In My Opinion)   (Web Pages That Can be Group edited)  (Another Popular Wiki Site) (Another Popular Wiki Site)   (Yet Another Popular Wiki Site)

Social Networks:  (The Most Popular Social Networking Site) (Rapidly killing MySpace)  (Rapidly Falling To Facebook)  (Create Your OWN Social Network!) (But No longer free!!  L) (Popular With Foreign Students)


Webcams:   (Video Chat With Your Webcam, And Share Your Desktop)(Now Supports Up To 5 Video Participants at Once)
(Record capabilities with Replay Telecorder)  (Social Network Webcamming)  (Take care to say in PG areas)  (Free Webconferencing and Screencast Tool)


Screencasts:   (Instant Screencasts For Twitter, Blogs, And Websites) (Even does High Definition)  (Screen Recorder With Quick Paster Into Chats, Blogs, Etc.) (From the makers of Camtasia)   (Screen recorder similar to Jing.)  (Free online Screen Recorder)


Phonecasts:  (Broadcast Phone Audio To The Internet) (Phone Blogging)(Live Phonecasts) (Automatically create an internet accessible audio podcast using just a regular telephone)   (Have students leave voice comments about pictures and videos. Great for foreign language courses!  Collaborate on Images, Documents, and Videos)     (Creates Audio Narrated Slides For the Internet, D2L, etc.)(Upload your PowerPoints and MP3 and Sync)(Really needs an audio record button!)


Chatrooms and Discussion Threads:  (Your Own Chatroom Quick and Easy) (Even supports webcam video)  (Students post comments using digital sticky notes posted on a bulletin board)  (Works like an interactive cork board)


Social Bookmarking:  (Easily Sort The Most Popular Links On The Web For Your Topic)(Share specific links with your class)   (Narrows Down the Internet By Sorting On User Ratings)   (Build Your Own Knowledge Sharing Community And Repository) (Research, Share, Collaborate)  (Previously Known as Sorts Your Searches For the Lastest Posts)


Online Data Gathering:  (Easily create online surveys)  (Cool Online Data Gathering Tool That Generates Reports As Well)


Free Phone Conferencing:   (Totally Free Multiway Phone Conferences for Webinars, ScreenCasts, and Audio Conferences!)(Even Records!)


Image Hosting / Image Repositories:   (Image sharing and repository) 
(Searchable by creative commons license)  (Google Images offers this as well)  (As does the Creative Commons website) (These are all great places to find legally reusable images!)   (Easily Create and Share Multimedia Scrapbooks Online)  (Makes Sharable Slideshows from Images)   (Digital Portfolio Site)   (Popular Image Hosting Site With Downloadable App to Manage and Edit Photos)


Find Legally Reusable Images:   (Find Images You Can Legally Share and Reuse)    (Click on Images, Then click on Advanced Image Search, and look for the Usage Rights line (near the bottom), On that line there is a pull down arrow, select “Labeled For Reuse”)   (Click on Search, Then Click on Advanced Search, Then Scroll down to the Creative Commons Section)  (or use flickr-storm and select advanced)   (And turn on the Creative Commons toggle)


Video Hosting / Video Repositories:   (Awesome Site To Host Or Find Videos)  (Online repository of educational videos)  (Also includes videos from our very own OKSTATE NEWS channel)   (Searchable Mega Sized Online Repository of Videos Where You can Share Your Playlists With Others) (Simply find all the videos you want for your class, and give them a single link to your playlist.)  (Live Stream Video To The World As They Chat On The Page About Your Feed) (Also Streams To Mobile Phones)   (Awesome Site Like YouTube But For Videos On Education)  (Interactive Video Player Which Allows Comments Within The Video Itself)  (Embeddable into D2L)  Similar to Muvee  (Creates automated music videos)   (Next Generation Television Network)  (Cool Social Media Site of Emerging News Stories)


Document Hosting / Document Repositories:  (Online Document Sharing and Collaboration Tool from Microsoft)  (Online Document Sharing and Collaboration Tool from Google)  (Similar to but perhaps better than Google Docs)   (Store your documents online and if desired also share and find other’s documents) (Over 13 million available documents from Word documents to Templates to PowerPoint Presentations)


File Hosting / File Repositories 


Peer Contact Tools:  (Find Fellow Professionals and Exchange Ideas, Information, and Opportunities)  (Socially Connected Address Book Similar to Linkedin)


Email and Email Tools:

In addition to the tools you see here, don’t forget email can be used to upload images and videos to Facebook, to create blogs using Posterous, to send out tweets to Twitter, etc.)  (A Bit of Social Networking Right In Your Inbox) (Also A Great Tool To Organize And Instanly Search Your Outlook Emails) (Google’s Email Service)   (Microsoft’s Email Service)  (Yahoo’s Email Service)


Search Engines:  (The Best Internet Search Engine In My Opinion) (Find stuff posted just seconds ago)   (Microsoft’s Search Engine)    (Do you Yahoo?)   (Ask Ask)


Map Programs:  (The Best Online Map Site Ever) (Now Includes Earth View and Google Earth Plugin!)  (The Best Downloadable Map Program Ever)(See The World Using Satellite Imagery)   (A Great Online Map Program)(OnStar Even Integrates With It)      (Yahoo’s Online Map Program)  (Microsoft’s Online Map Program)


Misc:  (Super Cool Powerpoint Like Tool That Zooms Around On Topics)(It’s a much cooler PowerPoint editor right in your webbrowser!)   (Artistic Tool To Get The Main Topics Of A Pasted Paragraph Of Text As A Cool Picture)
(Great for asking students who or what this wordle might be about, if you pasted info in about Lincoln, etc.)  (Visually Outline Thoughts And Relationships)   (Create Flowcharts and Diagrams Online)  (Works Similar to Visio But Online)  (A single place to search your posts regardless of their web location)   (Cool Tool Similar to PhotoShop But Free And Online)  (Another Cool Online Photo Editing Tool)   (Free online converter) (Converts Everything From Documents to Images to Videos to Audio Files)  (Capture Organize, and Search Your Online Repository of Notes)  (Many Instant Messenger Apps in one Web Browser Window Without Any Installs Required)  (Event Scheduling Made Easy) (Book Meetings Online)  (Allows Students To Post E-Portfolios)


Cool Sites:   (Open Resources For Education) (Keeps a collection of various free software for educators)  (Compare your students progress against the state standards)  (A Huge List of The Most Current Web 2.0 Tools)   (Huge online database of historical documents) (Includes images of historic original source documents)  (Cool Site About Teaching With Technology)    (Awesome Free Quick Reference Guides for MS Office, Photoshop, and More)



Cool Downloadable Apps:   (Cool tool to aid in any typing anything you do that is repetitious.) (Instantly type your name, email address, website, etc. into any application) (Called Eveything)(It Instantly Find Things Anywhere On Your Harddrive) (Easily Share Files With Others)
(Won Gizmo’s Freeware Product Of The Year)   (Free Virus, Spyware, and Malware removal tool from Microsoft)

VoxOx  (Combines voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, etc. into a single, intuitive interface)

FreeZ   (Over 500 Live Free Internet TV channels)

The Gimp  (Popular Photo Editor)

PhotoScape  (Photo Editor with neat non-traditional tools like “find similar faces on the web,” etc.)

Audacity  (Popular Audio Editing and Recording Software)


I Need YOUR Ideas:

If you have any ideas on what else should make this top list, shoot me a comment!  Thanks!

This will always be a list in progress as technology never stands still!  Ride the wave!


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