Cool Sites

Cool Sites:

Not So Cool   (Open Resources For Education) (Keeps a collection of various free software for educators)  (Compare your students progress against the state standards)  (A Huge List of The Most Current Web 2.0 Tools)   (Huge online database of historical documents) (Includes images of historic original source documents)  (Cool Site About Teaching With Technology)    (Awesome Free Quick Reference Guides for MS Office, Photoshop, and More)  (A site that lists several free web hosting sites.)(Free domain names too)(Free and without having to host any annoying popup ads)  (See what the SIIA thinks are the best educational products on the planet for 2010!)   (Awesome site of Educational Reference Materials!) (Won the 2010 CODie Award for The Best Educational Reference Site)  (Latest News Announcements from THE SOCIETY OF APPLIED LEARNING TECHNOLOGY!)  (DE Hub Database of Research on Distance Education)(Thousands of articles on various aspects of distance education)


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