Phone Tools

Cell Phone Tools:  (Live Cell Phone Polling) (Works like clickers, but with cell phones!!)   (Cell phone text your entire class at once!)       (Cell phone images or videos easily shared socially)   (Never Wait on Hold Again!)(Not really an instructional technology, but cool if you’ve ever waited in line for tech support, customer service, etc.)(Plus saves cell phone minutes!)


(By far, the vast majority of tweeting is done and read via cell phone) (Broadcast short messages to the world right from your cell phone)  (Have students tweet during class, and catch all those and display them on the projector!) (Or, embed them in your D2L site or presentation) (Add the back channel communication right to the course website so everyone can benefit.)  (Share Photos Via Twitter)


Free Phone Conferencing:  (Totally Free Multiway Phone Conferences for Webinars, ScreenCasts, and Audio Conferences!)


It is possble to use a simple cell phone for creating audio content on the web, both live and on demand.  (Broadcast Phone Audio To The Internet) (Phone Blogging)(Live Phonecasts) (Automatically create an internet accessible audio podcast using just a regular telephone)   (Have students leave voice comments about pictures and videos. Great for foreign language courses!  Collaborate on Images, Documents, and Videos)     (Creates Audio Narrated Slides For the Internet, D2L, etc.)(Upload your PowerPoints and MP3 and Sync)(Really needs an audio record button!)


Think Global Communications Tool
The main power in a phone is the fact you can “reach out and touch someone,” without actually having to go there physically!
So who will prepare our students to think globally?  We are no longer so bound to just our one little local town on this planet.  We must help students use tools that help them gain a far broader reach and understanding of the world around them.  Space barriers are rapidly being brought down.  You can now use a cell phone and the internet to broadcast a message live around the globe in seconds.  Prepare your students for this immediacy of global information.  Facebook and Twitter are not just some local dormitory bulletin board, nor is ipadio bound to just some local classroom lecture. Think big and break out of old ways of time and space bound thinking. It IS possible to be multiple places all over the planet at the same time and to collaborate with peers and students instantly all around the globe!
For instance why not have the author of your classes’ text book call in as a guest lecturer to your class?  Why not allow students to have team projects with other students from other countries? The possibilities are endless.


Back Channel Communication
When you were a student did you ever ask another student a quick but relevant question about what the teacher was talking about?  That communication among peers, behind the scenes, is called back channel communication.  It’s similar to briefly talking among local fellow faculty during a webinar you are receiving.  Sometimes that communication adds GREAT clarity to what’s being discussed!  Now what if you could capture all that back channel discussion and add it as supplemental information for your students along with the lecture?!  I’m not talking about posting “This teacher is a stinky head.” or “What did you have for lunch” or “Check this box if you like me.” Instead, I’m talking about capturing the USEFUL back channel communication.  I think embedding a tool like Twitterfall into your D2L site and projecting that on your screen during class or possibly even capturing it and adding it to your D2L site, might have some substantial potential for student engagement and interaction, not to mention how it might contribute positively to the overall comprehension  of the course.  
(Live blogging) allows students to share notes and reactions during class and gives students the ability to create a transcript of the class session and the professor can push one question surveys and videos to participants.  (Makes the live back channel easier to manage)   The live blog is easily embeddable on a course website, D2L, etc.


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